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  • Andy Gilson (Tuesday, September 08 15 10:18 pm BST)

    Just over two years ago my friend Pip – a nine year old German Shepherd – developed a limp which did not clear. X-Ray diagnosis showed a quite severe osteoarthritis condition affecting both hind

    Hydrotherapy was suggested by my vet as something which would actively assist in rebuilding the muscle wastage that had become evident – as opposed to passive treatment of just giving Pip the usual
    anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication.

    I selected Choice Hydrotherapy partly after talking to fellow dog owners who had used their services and been very satisfied; and also because of their being approved by the Canine Hydrotherapy
    Association who ensure proper training and monitoring of the facility is in place.

    After only about five or six weekly sessions, Pip’s muscle mass was measurably improved and he started to walk further without signs of “I want to go home now”.

    We still go to Choice every week, not to just maintain his condition – although this is obviously the prime reason – but because he absolutely loves it. I only have to pick his towel up at home and
    tell him “swimming today” and he is out of the door heading for the car!

    In summary, I cannot speak to highly of the service Choice provides – friendly and professional people, well equipped facilities and reasonably priced.

    Pip is now two years older but is now a much happier dog and back to walking at least a couple of miles a day (and asking to go out instead of me having to encourage him!).