Regular grooming

Grooming is more than just how your dog looks on the outside.


Regular (daily/ weekly) brushing helps to remove any shedding hair, dirt, dandruff or tangles and prevents fur from matting. As a side to preventing mats, regular brushing also becomes an enjoyable experience for most pets, can help maintain a healthy coat through increased circulation and by encouraging the production of natural oils. This helps to maintain appearance while also giving us and yourselves a chance to get our hands on your pet and find any abnormalities (lumps, bugs and injuries) that may cause problems if otherwise undiscovered. 
Regular trimming around ears, eyes and pads of feet can help to:
  • Increase air flow to ear canals
  • Reduce hair that may irritate eyes or cause tear stains and infections  
  • Stop any compacting of dirt & debris that can lead to sore or sensitive paws. 
  • Nail trimming stops ingrown nails, and if done regularly will reduce the chances of bleeding when the quick (pink) gets too long.
When fur becomes matted we will not pull and tug, imagine the sore head you'd get, this usually leads to us shaving the mats out to prevent injury trying to cut them or sores from pulling at them too much.
(mats often pull skin tight as they grow)