3 meter Hydro pool-

Allows patients to swim in a completely non-weightbearing enviroment, with a wider joint range of motion.

Has hoist and ramp entry for ease of access.

Has counter swim jets for added resistance.

A therapist will always be in the pool with your pet.


Can be used for:

  • Pre operative muscle strengthening & fitness.
  • Spinal cases and arthritic dogs who aren't able to walk.
  • For the dogs who like to have a swim around or don't get on with the treadmill.


Aquatic treadmill- Hydro Physio HP300

Allows animals to walk in a semi/ minimal weightbearing enviroment, with a walking joint range of motion.

Has fully controllable water height and speed control.

Glass sides to allow gait observation from outside the tank.

Side panels allow a therapist to stand in the tank and manually work limbs.


This can be used to:

  • Condition canine athletes
  • Build muscle & help maintain many clinical conditions.
  • Retrain gait in spinal cases who have reasonable use of hind limbs.
  • Or just for fun for those who don't like taking their feet off the floor in the pool.


Walk in shower-

With eco health massage shower head, blaster dryers and easi-dri towels to get your dog clean, dry and comfortable after a session in the pool or treadmill.



We have access to all sorts of equipment to aid us with your pets treatments. From buoyancy aids and head support floats to our treadmill step and weighing scales.