Getting the vets permission

In all cases vet signature is required before your pet can swim.

As members of the CHA our work relies on a veterinarians referral or consent to their patient undertaking a course of hydro.


The referral form is very straight forward, you can:

  • Download one from the website
  • Some vets may have one in their surgery.
  • You can call in at the centre to pick one up.
  • Alternatively, if you give us a call we can send one on your behalf.
Veterinary referral form
Adobe Acrobat document [281.2 KB]
  • In any case where hydro is found unsuitable the owners will be informed and the treatment declined.
  • Any cases in which the patient has not been seen by the vet in 6 months, will be advised that they should book a check up appointment before consent can be given.
  • Any organ failure is not recommended to be treated with hydro and any heart murmur is referred at the veterinarians own discretion.
  • Any significant abnormality found during health checks will be reffered back to the vet to be further investigated.