What to expect


During an assesment we take measurments and ask a few questions about your pet, these include:


  • Muscle mass measurments
  • Assesment of joint movement
  • Gait analysis
  • Reflex tests
  • Questions about Diet and exercise


We then decide on aims of treatment and how we are going to reach them.

We reassess after the first 5 sessions and again every 10 thereafter.


Health Check-

We perform a head to tail health check to make sure your pet is fit enough to swim. Also ask about their health over the past week (and check they've been to the loo.)


Pre session Shower & Harness-

This washes off any dirt and debris and can help to warm up the muscles.

We will then fit your pet with either a harness or a buoyancy aid to provide support and act as a safety aid. (All animals have to wear a safety harness throughtout treatment.)


The swimming-

Either in the Hydro pool or the Aquatic treadmill. Depending on veterinary preference, treating condition and our assesments of individual patients.


Post session Shower & Drying off-

To relax muscles after exercising and help remove any chemical residue from your pets coat. We use either Blaster dryers (which are much stronger than average hair dryers) or towels depending on individual animals tolerance for being dried.